Coastal scenery north of Newquay, Cornwall, UK

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  • That looks so good, beautiful part of the UK too. Is this the 1m mesh?

    Apart from the questionable clouds (!) that could be a photo

    • Hi - thanks Nick

      Yes this is the 1 m mesh. The 1 m data is more or less complete around the coast of England and Wales, but there are missing patches inland. Ordnance Survey 50 m mesh is available everywhere so I use that as a level 11 base layer with levels 12-14 geoconverted where the 1 m mesh is available. Mostly the transition between the two meshes is undetectable, but it does create small faults here and there. Floating (and sunken) buildings are also an issue in a few places. The only way I know to cure that at the moment is to restart the simulator.