Airbus A320 NEO Livery

I will soon upload it to

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  • Where is your YT tutorial for painting?

    will you make it available for free on flight org?

    • Yes, I will upload it soon to

      I removed my Youtube tutorial video, I don't want others to do liveries because for me making the liveries is the only way to earn money for my new Gaming PC, my current one is with Intel HD graphics.

    • Lol I understand you think that no one else has the right to know or sell. unfortunately we can't just think about us

    • Yes I know it's really bad, but I need a new PC and there is no other way for me to get it, right now I have like 10-20 FPS in Aerofly FS 2 with low and medium settings 1080p, 5 FPS in X-Plane with minimum settings 720p, and 10 FPS in GTA 5 with normal graphics settings 720p, I can't enjoy playing like that, I need a new PC and for me, the situation is even worse because the PC prices skyrocketed. I hope you understand.

  • This beautiful livery would fit in Aerofly Mobile…