Idaho Scenery (with extra-trees) - Snowy mountain in the Midwest area of Idaho)

Flying the EC-135 in the snowy mountain in the Midwest area, with very impressive contrast to the very dry environment.

Many thanks to K9NSP for sharing his great Idaho scenery as beta! :thumbup:  :love:

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  • Nice Snow edit

    • No snow edit done!

      What you see is the original scenery from @K9NSP with level 14. I only added the trees (also on the satellite photo the last snowfall was some time ago, so the trees are green without snow).

      The snowy mountain is situated in the north of Deep Creek, the third resp. last mountain of three situated in the north.

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    • If you are interested I will post first pictures of my small experimental Aerofly FS2 Winter scenery in Switzerland with snow edit (located between Sion and Zermatt) with first XREF snow resp. winter trees and gondolas-lifts). ;)

    • Wow, I didn't know this scenario had snow thanks for locating me!

      Cool I think I saw a picture of you last year with this snowy scenery in Sion please post!

    • I will do this later. Now the outback & NT in Australia is calling and I would like first to introduce the special XREF-vegetation for it.