Checking out Australia with chrispriv new tree textures.

Very well done and everything blends nicely. :thumbup:

I might say Australia looks like it could use some rain. ;)


Australia Darwin SW-Extension – photo-scenery (with special outback-vegetation) -
*** SPECIAL VEGETATION FOR THIS AREA IS AVAILABLE NOW *** This is the South-West-Extension of Darwin, Northern Territory Australia. The extensive and mostly…

Special XREF-trees library Mod for Aerofly FS2 -
Library created by chrispriv, 2021 - Trees-Models used are from *** Please read the instruction very careful! *** Description…

Comments 3

  • I am unable to get the trees to work?

    • I see you have it working, I must admit I felt confused at first as well ;)

    • Instructions clear as mud, thanks to Thomas and realising you need two folders to download I got it working after almost loosing the will to live. ;)