Q400 over Norway

Testing out some heightmaps and photoscenery over Norway.

Big thank you to:


For AeroScenery making it easier to create your own photoscenery


For his awesome guide on how to import your own heightmaps into AFS2


For his rendition of the Wideroe repaint for the Q400

Your hard work does not go unappreciated!

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  • Really great landscape. I really miss the terrain over Norway.

    Do you have the opportunity to share the terrain model (mesh)?

    • Currently working on a project where im adding the whole of southern Norway to the sim, so things are still in a very very WIP state.

      But if you're interessted in only the mesh and not the photoscenery, I'll see if I can compile the heightmap (10m) of the whole country and upload it on Monday/Tuesday :)

    • WOW, you're the man !!

      I now have complete control over the great AeroScenery tool. So now it's easy - even for me - to produce photo scenery (I've made Norway south of 60 degrees north).

      But north of 60 degrees north - Norway is flat. So if you have made some terrain (mesh) north of 60 degrees north - I am very interested in the terrain (mesh). If your mesh of southern Norway is better than AFS2 default - I would appreciate that part too. That would really be a dream come true. :-)

    • Thanks! I get all my norwegian mesh data from Kartverket, they have awesome coverge! The screenshot above is of 10m mesh at around 61 degrees north.

      Kartverket has publicly available mesh data for the whole country in both 10m and 50m mesh, and alot of areas have 1m mesh and even all the way down to 0.25m mesh. Not sure what the default mesh resulotion of AFS2 in Norway is, but im pretty sure the mesh I have compiled is alot better :)

      I'll have to contact them and ask about their policy about reusing their data in other free products, but I think they're pretty chill about it, so hopefully I'll have the mesh for the whole of Norway upload on flight-sim.org next week :)

    • Great. :-)

      I remember downloading a mesh for FSX from a Norwegian forum (Flightsim.no?) long ago - as some Norwegian flight sim enthusiasts converted from Kartverket (I think).

      Hope it will be possible to get a copy. :-)