Driving a FA18 in 60000ft

Pilot: Ready to go space?

Co-pilot: noooo, we now need fresh air

Pilot: ok, let jump

Co-pilot: ..... Are you ok?

Pilot: i am ok

Co-piot: let drive it to Frankfurt airport

Pilot: ok

Co-pilot: no, we didn't have enough fuel

Pilot: ok, let me drive it down to 5000ft first.

10 min later

Co-pilot: sir, we now is in 5000ft so can we jump now?

Pilot: ok, let jump

Co-pilot: WAITTTTT my phone is in the FA18

pilot: Bruhhh, now why you still thinking your phone, look your down, is the ocean!!!

Co-Pilot: noooooo, we now in a Pacific Ocean, no one can help us.

Pilot: yes, so we will die in this island.

Co-pilot: nooo, a plane is coming.....

Pilot: whyyyy there will have a plane. Bruh

Co-pilot: wait, where is the plane now?

Pilot: already crash, you forget we have jump out the plane?

Co-pilot: nooooo, the FA18 is so expensive. The country will kill me.

Pilot: don't worry, we now in a Pacific Ocean one very small island, no one can find us.

Co-piot: yes, that good

1 hour later....

Co-pilot: waittt, i find a plane, i so scared now , i don't want die

Pilot: crazy: that is a birddddd!!!!

Co- pilot: ok, let drink some water first.

1 week later.....

Co-pilot: we now is super hungry.... Helpppp

Pilot: now we didn't have any food so just wait to die

5 hour later....

Military pilot A: Sir, we see have two people in island.

Leader: really, let talk to the admin

Finally, the two boy is didn't die, they have get enough water and water immediately.

Finally the two boy is thanks you so much for the military pilot. Story end... 😎