Bern - Belp (LSZB)


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  • I like Bern. But I miss extra buildings on the outskirts of the airfield.

    • Yes i miss extra buildings too. Bern is our Capitol Town and it gives no buildings 🥲

    • I like Bern, my cousins are from here. I don't tell you how many languages they are perfectly speaking (the natives are unable to say that they are not from the country of the language they are speaking).

      It has been a long time I didn't go there. I was a child, it is funny I remember a little train, tramways and a posh thermal pool indoor/outdoor (with snow) hot/cold water where we entered my sister and I like Frenchies (kind of yelling, chatting and playing with the water as if we were in public French pool), shocking people, my father was embarrassed. 8|

      I also remember the best "fondue savoyarde" I have ever eaten.

    • 😃👌