London Streetlights

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  • Good website 😉…hp?entry-list/&userID=763 unzip delete folder "building_textures" otherwise sim will crash. Trial and error is the key here.

    • I can't find London, only cities of the west coast

  • but how, send me the links of how you got the buildings and street lights

    • Buildings you import from Aerofly 2021 by installing all regions then just rename the odd folder to .zip open it and you'll see the regions folders, open them you'll see folders "places" "scenery" airports" copy paste into folders from 2022 rename .zip back to obb, reload sim. That's basically it.

  • Is this Aerofly fs 2022?

    • Yes, Android mod version

  • Is there a way to fade the lights near the horizon, the mods seem to get brighter with distance?

    • Would be a good option but no way to do it from the program, you can set the hight/colour and how bright you want the lights to be but not for how bright they are in the distance.

  • As I said: a mini Aerofly FS 4 could run on mobile

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