Dutch Northsea Islands

Less than two weeks ago I have been in RL with a Cessna 172 on one of the German Northsea Islands (Juist). Tonight I arrived with the Arrow the Dutch ones.The impression is pretty similar, only the flying hours are much cheaper... :D

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  • Any estimated time of arrival? Looks nice, conventional tail will be nicer.

    • Well, all I can say now, not very long anymore.

      To be totally honest, I can meanwhile understand why some software developers never give any ETAs. At the one side it makes a certain pressure, what is never good when creating something. At the other sides, the Arrow is in beta and the testers find again and again things I wasn't ever expecting. But it's good. I want to have the plane really ready and everything working as intended when it's released.

      So, under the line; I'm talking about weeks, not months. But more I'm not able to say.