That moment when the prop stops!

There are times you really don't want the prop to stop! =O

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  • Ha nice, gotcha

    • I notice the prop also stops when performing a climbing turn to the left... But not to the right!

    • I made a fuel line that is affected by accelerations (e.g. gravity) and it runs from the wing tank all the way forward to the engine. And because there is only a wing tank on the left side it becomes asymmetric.

    • Understood. Is there any way I could make that less sensitive by editing a line in a file? It makes it impossible to fly left hand circuits right now.

    • There is a threshold, yes.

      tmd file, this map:

      <[tmvector2d][Map][ (97000.0 0.0) (99000.0 1.0) ]>

      reduce 97000 to like 90000 and 99000 to like 94000 and it should lose power with way less pressure (those are fuel pressures in Pascal)

    • Just what I was looking for! Thank you.

      - Kenneth