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  • Do I recognize that scenery and cultivation?

    • Sure. :)

      Your Zealand sceneries and clultivations let me start to create the airfields in Denmark — and the gimmik with the helicopters over the Kœge Bay.

      Before that San Diego was my "handicraft corner".

      Bye, Michael (3)

    • Hi again Michael 3 all the very best for making the airports. Are you making the airports for Zealand Island too?

      Look forward to seeing them soon maybe?

      Michael 1

    • Zealand has now 4 airports:

      • EKRK, Copenhagen / Roskilde (ready)
      • EKKL, Kalundborg (ready)
      • EKMB, Lolland Falster / Maribo (WIP)
      • EKRS, Ringstedt (WIP)

      I make the other airports in Denmark the next days.

      Bye, Michael (III)

    • Thank you Michael 3 for your extra airports for Zealand. I had to remake the cultivation as a house appeared on the heliport at EKRS, Ringstedt.

      Hope you like the new version 7 cultivation, I hope it has no problems?

      Michael 1.

    • Hi, Michael I,

      in the meantime I have found the Danish Aerodrome Charts, with which I can design the airfields even better. Therefore there may be changes at one or the other airfield.

      So far everything fits with Cultivation Version 7.

      Bye, Michael (III)

  • Apart from the R22, are the other two static in the scenery, or something being hinted at as a behind the scenes development of the core AFS2?

    • The 5 helicopters are only static. :(

      It has been a spontaneous idea to bring 5 helicopters on the ground into this formation when creating the airport Roskilde (EKRK) and then let them float statically by changing the altitude.

      Let's see how I can develop this further.

      Nevertheless, flying in visual flight with these obstacles is already fun. :)