Full Motion AfS2 today

Here is what I have flown today in VR with a Full Motion platform

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  • AS350 maybe? No matter what it is, when and how do the rest of us get it in AFS2?

    • Affirm. AS350B3 on the professional AFS2 code base

      Unlikely. Airbus does not want to issue a license like Robinson did, nor the one that built it, which I do have good contact with, will consider to hand it out before he gets his EASA certification for VR Level-D devices finished. A certification wich does not yet exist. Realistically next year - But the device is now at my homeplate, LSZG and LSZB.

  • Can't say I've seen that in Af2 before. What are you flying?

    • It's not AFS2. We have no Charakter in Egoperspektive.

    • It is Aerofly with VRMotion platform. Guess the Helo 😉 I‘ll be going again today 😇

      Come to Heliweekend in LSZG

    • "We have no Charakter in Egoperspektive"

      We have, if we change a parameter… it is somewhere in this form... :D

      I done this for the Extra, but reverted it back because it is not so nice if you turn the head and see the headset. ;)