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  • That looks like a lot of fun. The downdraught wind doesn’t.

  • Lukla dlc Is one of my favorites right now. I recommend using Bing Ortho images for super detail.

    • What is 'Bing Ortho images' ?

    • The ground imagery taken by Bing satellites. I recommend using 'AeroScenery' and increasing the contrast and brightness just a bit. Only a few clouds need to be edited out. It gives a nice optional secondary look. Kind of like Spring vs Summer comparison.

    • Thank you for the info, but....The Mt Everest regio is an addon to AFS2 made and distributed by Aerosoft.

      Is it feasable to superimpose(overlay?) with 'Bing Ortho'?

    • If you should decide to try the Bing Images, simply move Aerosoft Images to a different folder, so that Aerofly will not load them. Again, this offers a whole different look to the area.

    • Can you show comparaison picture(s) please between Aerosoft-image and Bing-image of same area or spot, thank you.