Palo Alto in sight. 2 miles on GPS approach, new MB 339 RNAV 2019. 5 degree crosswind from left.

Minimums are 460 feet and one mile visibility. A user fix had to be made on the far side of the field because the Aerofly 10 mile final at 2,000 feet is too crude. Crossing the last proper GPS fix (all fixes are present in the navigation page) the bottom right Distance Display indicated the user fix was 6.5 miles away, the approach plate gave the runway distance as 5 miles so the missed approach point could be taken as 1.5 miles from the user fix.

The RNAV in the 339 is good fun, it makes up for the unreliable DME indicator in the HSI. The 2019 navigation page seems to have all the fixes used in RNAV RNP and GPS approach plates. is a good source of approach plates, just click on an airport.