Informations regarding our download section

Downloads for Aerofly FS 2

In the download section you will find various downloads for Aerofly FS 2. As a quick summary you may find the following downloads here:

  • Aerofly FS 2 SDK ( various tools and assets for adding your own content to Aerofly FS 2 )
  • Aircraft repaints ( new liveries for many aircraft )
  • Scenery models ( new airports or scenery objects )

Before you can download files here, please register first. Registration is free.

To find the right downloads please choose a specific download category from the main menu or choose it from one of the categories on the right side.

Instructions for adding user created repaints to your Aerofly FS 2

  1. Decompress the download zip file to any place suitable for you
  2. Move the User Created folder to the Documents\Aerofly FS 2\aircraft\specific aircraft"
    Note: create the specific aircraft folder if it doesn't exist (it should be the same name as in the Aerofly FS 2 core aircraft folder)
  3. Enjoy your new livery! There may be specific instructions within each download to further explain the install process.

Contributing your own aircraft repaints to the Download section

If you would like to share your own work you did, here are the instructions for sharing your creations on our pages:

  1. Zip your project package; zip the converted files exactly as they are when they are created in the Documents/Aerofly FS 2/Aircraft folder. Please make the name of the folder that has the repaint in lower case with no spaces.
  2. Please give your Zip file a meaningful name, with only lower case letters and no spaces. As an example, if you made the repaint 'green' for the B737, name you file ''.
  3. Email the zipped file of your creation, a brief description of your repaint, your user name (if you wish to have it posted in the forum), and a PNG image of your project (for the posting) to:
  4. Due to the backend process, you can not post directly to the share forum. Your contribution will be directly added to the download section by IPACS.

Discussion Forum

If you have a question regarding Aerofly FS 2 or want to just chat with other users, head over to our Forum. Aside from the user to user communication, our product support staff also monitors this forum and provides answers whenever possible. As such, this is a valuable asset when an issue arises. Please ensure you use the search function of the Forum.