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  • Hi Jan,

    I certainly wouldn't mind paying a few euros for the ASH 31.
    We need to care for the few developers that we have on this platform! :)
    Can't you sell it through Ipacs like Just Flight is doing with the Archer and the Duchess?

    I'm waiting for the release of the Baron on the PC version. I was planning to buy the Duchess but the modelling & sounds are not on par with the default aircraft. No info on who wrote the flight model either so I'm worried it could be a lower quality as well. They still charge the same price as for the add-on planes made by Ipacs?!

    I was hoping Ipacs would release paintkits for their own aircraft as they mentioned a few months ago but no news so far...
    It's a pity.... When you see the repaints released for A2A C172 I'm sure we would see nice things released for Aerofly FS too.

    Hope you find a good solution for your glider... It would be a shame to just see it vanishing after all the effort you already put into it!


  • Hello Sylvian,
    thank you, I'm doing great. I hope you're doing ok, too?

    Yes I noticed that the ASH 31 Mi does not work properly anymore. I made a fix for myself but I am not satisfied with the result. It's controllable again but something changed with the collision system too, so the glider keeps falling though the ground when I crash it of forget to lower the gear. And I haven't fixed the texture yet... The problem is, that I don't have the time to look into that deeper. And I don't see the point anymore why I should do it for free. I'm talking about hundrets of hours of work! I'm thinking I should better sell the glider for a few Euros (not as expensive as the other Add-ons). Just to get some response...
    Because to few people even say thank you or give me any feedback. And thats very tiring...