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  • Hi Sycosys,

    regarding start of geoconvert from a different place:

    I assume the exe looks for the subfolder \input_aerial_images in it's own directory.
    If you start the exe by calling it from a different place it misses an environment variable for the subfolder.


    • yeah, thats what i figured as well after some tinkering. I was able to get around it by setting the system path first then executing the exe from there. Fun times!

  • Hi Sycosys,

    I was out and just had a short look at your posting on my mobile.
    It was interesting and clearly structured in several steps.
    Now I'm at home and find your post deleted.
    What happened? Is there any reason you removed your thread?
    Thanks for your input.


    • Hey Rodeo, I realized i was jumping the gun a bit.. I have since started actually writing some scripts and seeing how things are going to work. I have a post in the dev section about crashing geoconvert using 68gb of tiffs and my plan to get around that entirely.

    • Ah,

      ok I understand. I never tried a scenery of that size.
      And I learned a new phrase: jumping the gun