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  • Ok thanks for your Answer!

    Keep up the Good Work!

    Cant wait for the Corsair livery :)

  • Hi DeniDan,

    I have some Corsair 747 in project, the blue of course, but also probably 1 or 2 of their 747-300 old liveries as I find them nice :…eing_747-300_Spijkers.jpg…oeing_747-300_Jonsson.jpg

    As for your other liveries requests, I'm sure some more competent painters will create them soon, which will guarantee you a much better result.
    I like to make liveries but my free time is quite limited so I prefer to keep french and rare liveries as a thema.
    This is also because they are my favorites liveries, that I want to fly with, and those are unlikely to be created by someone else on the forum, so I have to make them myself.

    I hope you'll understand my point of view.
    Thank you for your support anyway ;)

    Have a nice day!


  • Hey can u create this liveries for B747 (if its possible) that would be awesome!

    - Thai Airways
    - South African Airways
    - (Blue Repaint)
    - Singapore Airlines (STAR ALLIANCE)
    - One World British Airways
    - China Airlines
    - Air New Zealand (Lord of the Rings Repaint)
    - JAL

    Do not take that as a demand now!
    take your time
    You do not have to make it but it would be cool!