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  • Hello Sir. It's nice to communicate with someone in my age bracket hi hi. I am terribly sorry about this but luckily I caught a glimpse of who sent me a message yesterday to do with programming a X52 Controller. Just as I openned the mail, my daughters new foster son (5yrs old) put his hand out onto the keyboard and I lost the blimin message. If I did get your name as it flashed passed, would you mind sending it again, this time I keep him well away!!
    HNY to you and yours from downunder, Taranakian, or better still just plain old Jim.

  • Click on your STEAM icon and open it. On the upper left of the opening page your games are listed. RIGHT CLICK on Aerofly FS2 - click PROPERTIES at the bottom. Move over to click BETAS then select PUBLIC BETAS from the 3 'opt' choices. This info will now be on the upper left entry for FS2. This will bring your version up to date - on the ABOUT page, mine says version 2.0.1 EA5.06 (20171027).

  • Hi Dave. I'm extremely sorry. but I still cannot find that direction you gave me about 'Public Beta'. You know where the plane sort of comes apart when you start a new flight. Would you mind having another try. I could'nt read a compass prior to Vietnam, when in training to go. hi hi.

  • Jim - Seems to work just fine. Orbx must plant it in your folder just as you would a repaint. Dave Ronaldson (olderndirt)

  • Hi. Congratulations. Just read the forum where you have bought Aerofly FS2 from the Orbx shop. Would you mind answering a question for me. If you buy from Orbx like you did, does it work in Steam? Thank you very much, I should remember your name as I have been on Orbx forums, like you, for a long time. Regards, Taranakian (Jim.... NZ.)