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  • Hi Rodeo,

    No there is still issues:

    1. Down town wouldn't render I believe because I own the DLC content.
    2. I couldn't get anything very large below 2 resolution.
    3. I couldn't get anything to tile correctly is small sections.
    4. I could get pretty good result rendering all of Illinois and parts of surrounding states at a resolution of 3.
    5. Still the tiles would pop into resolution in the distance.

    Its still a mess but I was hoping if people had the images they could work on stitching them together instead of sitting all day waiting to finish download images.

  • Hi zealous,

    generally I support your idea of sharing the sceneries.
    Let me ask you some questions:
    You finished Illinois, did you succeed with a seamless mapping of the images?
    Which FSET resolution and which aerofly levels did you use?

    Up to now I have only few reports about successful seamless conversions.
    I will try to enhance the tutorial all time as soon as I have more information.