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  • Hey Ian, I just wanted to say congrats on your photo contest win! Although I may have voted #3 for this month, I just want you to know that my first initial vote was for yours. Heck I even asked two other coworkers who don't flight sim and they both picked your photo. Again congrats man! :)

    • Many thanks Jake! They were all good photos so I would have found it difficult to choose. Also some people are more into aircraft and some are more into scenery. Your co-workers are probably more into scenery since they're not flight simmers. Anyway I'm just grateful I don't have to make an acceptance speech!

  • Hello,

    Would you be kind enough to share me your GB scene, which is of a superb quality, and of course if you wish I can send you a contribution for your work, because I do not have the capacity as a developer and the time of creating scenes.

    Thank you for your reply.

    Regards, Tomfa

    • Hi Tomfa

      Sorry I've been a bit busy and not checking my wall.

      The scenery I've created so far (scenery + cultlivation + terrain mesh) is about 20 GB. The coverage is literally just Cornwall UK at the moment (maybe 100 x 100 km). There are no custom buildings or landmarks etc, but I have improved the textures of the default building to make them look more Cornish. The area is mostly rural, so that isn't a big problem.

      If you give me an address it might be possible to put it on a USB stick? I can't think of any other way of getting it to you.



    • Hi Ian,

      Thank you very much for your support!

      It is very pleasant.

      Here is my address:



    • Hi Tomfa

      I've been thinking about the scenery sharing and I'm a bit worried about the legal aspects of it. I wouldn't bother so much if it was Bing scenery, but it comes from Google unfortunately. Technically it's only permissible to download scenery for personal use - and even that is a little doubtful in the case of Google. There is quite a lot of discussion about it on the forum, whch I've been reading recently.

      I'm sorry to disappoint, but I don't want to take any risks. The scenery is also very big (20 GB) so it would be quite difficult to share anyway.

      Kind regards


    • Hi Ian,

      Thank you for your answer, I understand.

      Normally there should be no problem, as long as it is internal sharing via the IPACS community.

      Until then, let 's wait for the project that is normally planned by ORBX for UK in TrueEarth, like the Netherlands.

      Because for me, I'm not a developer, and seems very complicated to me. For this reason, I am ready to pay a contribution for beautiful scenes and hours of work that are proposed by developers for AFS2


      Kind regards


  • how do i make a .tfc for sceproc??????????

  • Ian I have sent a skype invite to you... do you skype? if so would like to chat about this would that be ok?

  • Hi ian I dont want to be a pain but can you please explain in detail how you got such beautiful scenery and mesh in the pic with the r22??? Pleeeeze i am trying to do Hood river (S42)and my home airport of Hobart YMHB

    Kind regard



    • Hi Chris

      In outline .....

      1. I create scenery tiles up to level 15 using AeroScenery set to zoom level 18. This is a slow process, but I go for quality rather than quantity. I start of with a base layer of level 9-12 tiles (using zoom level 15) - then I fill in the level 13-15 tiles in small chunks (using zoom level 18). Where images overlap the sea I paint in the sea on the PNG files with a suitable dark blue or greyish colour. Google images tend to be a bit dark, so I usually lighten them a bit before geoconverting.

      2. I use OSM cultivation to fill in as much as I can. I do this for level 10 sized areas.

      3. The OSM method gives hardly any trees, so I fill in the trees using "Tools > Texture Filter Editor" on ScenProc. I've given detailed instructions on how to do this on the forum here ..... Cultivation from photoscenery?. I do this for level 11 sized areas. Larger areas are too unmanageable.

      4. The OSM method isn't very good for buildings either - though this isn't such a problem in sparsely populated areas. If you want to create a few more buildings then crispy has explained a method on the forum. Basically it puts houses on all roads designated "residential". it needs to be confined to built up areas otherwise you can end up with buildings along rural roads too.

      5. Finally I improve the terrain mesh using qwerty's method (for the USA). His tutorial video is earlier in the thread. However if you're trying to do Australia you're a bit stuck for the time being until the site is up and running.

      Hope that helps a bit - but if you want more details on any of the above I'd be glad to help.


    • thank you so much for that info Ian C

      i seem to be having difficulties

      i am confused between FSET and AeroScenery ... which one do i use ??

    • AeroScenery is easier to use I think - but they both do the same thing. FSET is rather fiddly because you have to enter the co-ordinates yourself, whereas with AeroScenery you just click the tile on the map, download the images and then geoconvert them all in one go. FSET doesn't geoconvert them - you have to do that separately.

      The only time I use FSET is when I'm cultivating trees from an aerial image using the ScenProc "Texture Filter" function. It only seems to work with BMPs - and AeroScenery produces PNGs unfortunately. Also AeroScenery only downloads certain sized areas - level 9, level 13 and level 14 tile sizes. For the texture filter method I really need something between level 9 and level 13 in area.

    • so do i need to do all the AFS levels at once or can i do one level at a time?

    • i really need your help Ian C i have tried every thing but still cant get the resolution that you have in that pic with the chopper my scenery just doesnt have the resolution that you have

      can you please help me ... PLEEEEZE

  • Ian,
    please send me your mail adress. I have some tile calculations for you to test them.
    karlheinz.roeder (at) online.de