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  • Glad to be a new member in this forum. Hello everyone.

    Very old man (80 years old), but still passionate by sim and simmer since long time ago with Microsoft FS from the beginning to FSX. Today I am enjoying discovering the new Aerofly FS2 which, frankly speaking make me happy with the quality of the graphic with 3 screens as seen on the above pic, very beautiful and so close of the reality. Hope having more like this in the future and certainly more improvement too, as FMC for example, real weather, etc..But now I am having an issue with the spoiler, at least with A320 and DASH-8-400. Some time they already come up when on the ground. On the DASH they are up and it's impossible to bring back down. I have to add also that when I move my joystick left to right side, the spoiler come up and down following the motion of the joystick (ThrustmasterT-flight stick x). Nothing similar with Boeing 747. Anyone have noticed same same problem? What wrong i am doing?

    Thanks for the feedback and enjoy flying.


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