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    For almost anyone, a paper plane is a sweet memory from the childhood. Shai Groitein, CEO of PowerUp Toys, took it a step further. On basis of a paper plane design and modern technologies, he invented his first flying drone - the PowerUp FPV. Find more:
    The RC airplane kit contains 8 template sheets, a carbon fiber polypropylene frame with a twin motor, a Wi-Fi module, and a camera, so you can fold your own paper plane and transform it into a real drone. A built-in rechargeable battery ensures a 10-minute flight from a single battery charge. The battery can be charged via a microUSB cable, and a full charge takes no more than 90 minutes.

    To dispel your doubts about durability and functionality of this model, it’s necessary to highlight that under the weight of 2.8 oz, the PowerUp drone can speed up to 20 miles per hour, offering unmatched agility and maneuverability. Meanwhile, a crash-proof bumper will securely protect its lightweight paper body from damages.

    You will also be impressed with an innovative control system. Unlike the majority of RC toys, this one has neither transmitter nor remote controller. All you need is to have your phone or tablet on you, install an app and use it as a gamepad control.

    An Autopilot function will come useful when flying the drone in windy conditions. Though the controllable range is limited to 300 feet, it is more than enough to experience the thrill and fun of RC flying.

    In the box, along with an airplane kit, you will also find a Google cardboard viewer, a useful accessory that will drastically enhance your flying experience. Once you log in FPV app and switch to the FPV flight mode, you will be able to watch your flight as if you were sitting in a cockpit of the plane and control the flight with movements of your head.