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  • hey , if you can talk to Devs, please copy this questions and send it them ( Say that it is from me)

    There Is a few questions.

    - Will the multiplayer come to the Aerofly FS 2019 (mobile IOS)

    -will you add a co-pilot mode? (Not with A.I) I mean you can invite your friends and they can be your captain, Co-pilot ETC.

    - Do you plan to add a liners like 777-200ER , 787, 737-800?

    - Can you add some more liveries for A320 ( Easy Jet, Air Asia, Spirit, American Airlines , Air Moldova, Fly One)?

    -Can you make animated waves? (Like in X-plane) ?

    • what I meant by talking to the devs was in a different topic within the forums. I can not physically talk to them as I live in America and the work in Germany. Wish I could though.