Sofortwiederholung, Zurücksetzen, Zeitsprung und Vergangene Flüge

With Aerofly FS you now get powerful tools for flight training!

Instant Replay

When you pause the simulation you can instantly replay your flight.

  • Press the assigned pause key (default ‘P’) or press the pause-button in the top right menu
  • Drag the airplane slider at the bottom to select a position in the replay
  • Press the play button at the bottom to start the replay
  • Optionally you can decrease or increase the playback speed in the lower left

Jump Back in Time

When the instant replay mode is active you can slide back to a position from where you would like to go back to and re-fly the rest. It teleports you back in time and resets the aircraft to the state it was in. With this feature you can now effectively “undo” a takeoff or landing.

  • Pause the simulation
  • Slide the aircraft icon in the replay slider to a desired position
  • Press the reset to position slider to jump back in time and undo everything that happend after it

Reset after Crash

After a crash you can also go back 10 seconds and try again or you can replay the flight and see what went wrong. You can also reset the aircraft back on the runway or in the air or you can chose to slide the aircraft symbol back in the replay bar and resume the flight from there.

  • Press the ‘Go back 10s’ button to teleport back in time and try again
  • Press ‘Restart airborne’ to start a new flight in the air
  • Press ‘Restart to nearest airport’ to start a new flight on the runway, ready for takeoff
  • Move the replay slider and play the recorded flight
  • From the replay push the reset button to jump back in time and try again

Skip Ahead in Time

When you programmed a route with the navigation menu or using the flight management system (FMS) onboard the aircraft you can skip forward in time along the route. Your aircraft state is mostly preserved but some states like the landing gear and flap position are overwritten and the autopilot modes are changed to follow the route or fly the planned approach.

  • On the desktop version press the button or key to show the flight information at the top of the screen (default key ‘i’). You can also opt to show the overlay in the general settings. Or assign a button for time skip.
  • Open the top right menu by clicking the multifunction button in the top right
  • Push the time skip button

On mobile you can also have the option for a more prominent button on screen to teleport forward, it can be activated or hidden in the settings.

Review Recent Flights

Recent flight paths are saved locally on in your storage medium and you can review recent them in the ‘Recent Flights’ menu. You can see where you flew, how much time it took and what the flight distance was. The color of the flight path indicates the altitude at that time.

  • In the main menu go to ‘Pilot Career’ and select ‘Recent Flights’ on the right.
  • In the list of recent flights from the past select one by clicking on it
  • Optionally you can delete the flight with the trash bin icon in the top right

Please note that the list of recent flights is filtered to show only significant flights. These are flights that have a takeoff or landing or at at least a minute or two long. Deleting flights may or may not affect your pilot career flight time, points and achievements.