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-===== Boeing 737 =====+===== Boeing 737-500 =====
-==== V Speeds and Ranges ====+The Boeing 737 series is the world'​s most popular aircraft family. The shortened B737-500 variant has a capacity of a maximum of 140 people. The specific B737-500 modeled in Aerofly FS 2 is based on an aircraft with the classic "steam gauge" cockpit, retrofit high-bypass CFM56 engines for better fuel economy and retrofit cockpit devices such as a Universal FMS to allow modern navigation. 
 +==== Flight Plan Editing in the CDU ==== 
 +The flight management system of the exact 737-500 that we are simulating is a retrofit and therefor is identical to the ones found in the Learjet 45 and Q400. The interface to the flight management system (FMS) is called a control display unit (CDU). The CDU is the device that pilot interact with in the cockpit, the computers performing all the calculations are called flight management computers (FMC). 
 +We added a tutorial on how to create a flight plan in the 737, Learjet 45 and Q400:​[[aircraft:​universal_uns1_fms|Universal UNS-1]] 
 +{{ :​wiki:​b737_cdu.jpg?​300 |}} 
 +===== V Speeds and Ranges ====
 +[[aircraft:​basic_flight_information|What are the v-speeds?]]
 **Take Off Speeds** **Take Off Speeds**
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