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Cessna 172 SP

V Speeds

Symbol Description Indicated Air Speed Marking on A/S
VSO Stall speed at landing configuration 40 KIAS Beginning of white arc
VS Stall speed at clean configuration 48 KIAS Beginning of green arc
VR Rotation speed 55 KIAS Not marked
VX Best angle-of-climb speed 62 KIAS Not marked
VY Best rate-of-climb speed 74 KIAS Not marked
VFE Max flaps extended speed 10 deg 110 KIAS White arc ends at 85 KIAS
10-30 deg 85 KIAS
VA Maneuvering speed; Abrupt movement 105 KIAS Not marked
VNO Max structural speed 129 KIAS Beginning of yellow arc
VNE Never exceed speed 163 KIAS Red line

Take Off and Landing


Normal Takeoff
Flaps 0-10 degrees
Rotate 50 KIAS
Liftoff 55 KIAS
Climb 70-80 KIAS
Obstacle Takeoff
Flaps 10 degrees
Rotate 45 KIAS
Liftoff 50 KIAS
Clear Obstacle 57 KIAS
Climb 70-85 KIAS
Softfield Takeoff
Flaps 10 degrees
Rotate Minimum Speed
Liftoff Minimum Speed
Flaps Up at 55 KIAS
Climb 75 KIAS


KIAS at Flap Setting
Position in Pattern 10 deg 20 deg 30 deg
Downwind 80
Base 80 70
Final 80 70 60
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