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 |8000         ​|92 ​       |102            | |8000         ​|92 ​       |102            |
 +====Using the King Air Autopilot (Basic)====
 +   * Press the FD button to show the flight director(s)
 +   * Press the button for the heading, it should activate the **HDG** mode, push it a second time and it goes back to **ROLL**.
 +   * Push the heading knob in to set the heading to the heading of the aircraft (SYNC)
 +   * Push the altitude button and it should select altitude hold, push it again to go back to pitch hold.
 +   * Push the vertical speed button, it goes to VS, push again goes back to pitch.
 +   * FLC for a speed hold (IAS climb or descent), use speed knob to select the speed you want... push FLC again, goes back to pitch hold
 +   * When in VS or PITCH you can use the vertical wheel to pitch the nose up/down...
 +To change the navigation source to follow the FMS flight plan you currently have to press the **NAV/BRG** button
 +   * After selecting the right source on your side make sure the white arrow is pointing to your side (can be changed with the CPL button).
 +   * Then push NAV to arm the capture (When you are close to the route it will engage FMS lateral steering and follow the route.)
 +   * There is no VNAV climb installed in our King air, so climb with **PITCH**, **VS** or **FLC**.(Descent with **VS**, **FLC** or **VNAV**)
 +   * Then change source to NAV1 or NAV2 (depending on where you entered the ILS frequency) and then push **APPR** to fly the approach.
 +   * You can also leave it in FMS source and push approach but that will give you an non precision approach.
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