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Robnson R22 Helicopter

Normal Procedures
Takeoff and Climb 60 KIAS
Maximum Rate of Climb 53 KIAS
Maximum Range 83 KIAS
Under Turbulence 60-70 KIAS
Landing Approach 60 KIAS
Auto Rotation 60-70 KIAS

Flying With Assistance

The Aerofly FS 2 R22 helicopter comes standard with two modes. You can fly with no assistance by clicking in the 'Expert' checkbox located at the bottom of the selection screen, or if you are new to flying helicopters you can leave the box unchecked. By doing so you will receive enough assistance to provide you with more stable flight control.

Unchecked box - Suitable more for novice helicopter pilots. This mode will provide you a more stable flight

Checked box - Suitable more for advanced pilots that want a more realistic flight experience. The use of rudder pedals or a rudder control is highly recommended to use this mode.

Flying the R22

Coming soon

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