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 ====== Aerodynamics ====== ====== Aerodynamics ======
 +In the Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator engine the behavior of an aircraft during flight is influenced by two main components: the mass distribution, center of gravity and inertia (see main topic [[rigidbody|rigidbody system]]) as well as the aerodynamic geometry and parameters. In this topic the different aerodynamic object classes for an aircraft in the Aerofly FS 2 are introduced.
 +The geometry of the wings and their interaction are described in the [[aerowing]] class. Each aerowing will have two [[airfoil|airfoils]] and can have a propeller wash additional air masses on it. The fuselage itself and any larger closed bodies like the engine cowlings of twin propeller aircraft (specifically NOT the nacelles of a turbofan, because they have a enormous hole in them) are modeled by [[aerofuselage]] objects with their own geometry and shape. For airbrakes the [[airbrake]] object can be used to model a changeable area in the incoming airflow. And last but not least, objects of the [[propeller]] class can be added to add a [[propulsion]] to the aircraft.
 +  * [[aerowing]]
 +  * [[airfoil]]
 +  * [[aerofuselage]]
 +  * [[airbrake]]
 +  * [[propeller]]
 +Also implemented
 +  * [[aerodrag]]
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