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 ===== How to improve graphics card performance?​ (PC version) ====== ===== How to improve graphics card performance?​ (PC version) ======
-The graphics ​settings are responsible ​for lower or higher performanceWhen the visual is paused again and again the graphics settings are either too high or the graphics card is of the lower range of recommendation. Via the main menu "​Settings"​ / "​Graphic"​ all graphics settings can be changed.+First check if there is a newer graphics ​card driver available ​for your specific hardwareVisit the homepages of your graphics card manufacturer ​and search for your graphics card and download newer drivers.
-{{ :​faq:​fs2_manual_en_009.jpg?​400|}}The "​window mode" (selectable under resolution) ​instead of a full-screen resolution brings ​a significant ​first and significant relief to the graphics card.+If updating the graphics card drivers did not help lowering the graphics settings can help as well, especially if  the installed graphics card is at the lower end of the recommended range. From the Aerofly FS 2 main menu click on the "​Settings"​ button and then on the "​Graphics"​ button to open the graphics settings. 
 +{{ :​faq:​fs2_manual_en_009.jpg?​400|}} 
 +Use the arrow buttons at the top to select the "​window mode" (selectable under resolution). This should bring a significant significant relief to the graphics card.
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