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List of error codes

On this page you will find solutions for typical error messages. Please note that these may depend on the OS.

1. Error code 2001 under Android

The error code “2001” pointed out a login problem in your Google Play Account. You have probably disabled the auto-sync function. In this case, please enable this function under “Settings” / “Account”. Otherwise please start a sync manually.

2. Error code 60000

Our experience shows that error messages within this range are typically caused by an unstable network connection. The issue could be based on your connection environment or a temporary issue with the Wi-Fi Connection.

3. Main executable does not work any longer

The error message “Main executable does not work” may have different reasons. support_mainexe If you see this error message immediately after the first installation and you never could start the program, then a problem with the graphics card or graphics card driver is indicated. Please check the video card requirements and make sure that you have the latest video card driver installed.

If you have successfully used the simulator before and the error message is not related to the initial installation, the following actions can be the cause:

If you changed the graphics settings to a higher quality than your graphics card can handle, you have to reset the aerofly simulator. In all other cases please send a request via the support contact form.

4. Error message at the App Store: Not enough available space/ram

During installation of an Aerofly simulator there is temporarily more space needed than the app allocates later on storage.

If you do not have at least 2.5 times the space needed for the app, please appoint another date for the installation of the aerofly simulator.

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