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 +===== Where can I find the new DLC scenery data? =====
 +More scenes such as “Switzerland” mean more airfields and a higher resolution in this area. After purchasing the downloadable content (DLC), it will be installed automatically. Restart the Aerofly FS 2 to use the new data. After that open the main menu and select “Locations”. Swipe and zoom in on the map to see the new airports at the region you purchased before. Select one of the new airports and start flying there.
 +  * Via the main menu and “Region” you only have to do two steps:
 +  * Purchasing a new In-App scenery
 +  * Restoring an In-App scenery after an update
 +To select an airfield in a new In-App scenery proceed as follows:
 +  * Open “Location” in the main menu
 +  * Zoom out from California
 +  * Move the worldwide map to your new scenery
 +  * Zoom in and select an airfield
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