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 ===== Changelog ===== ===== Changelog =====
 +==== 2018-12-07 ====
 +   * Added   ​Various enhanced helipad'​s in Switzerland and other selected areas
 +   * Fixed   B58 inner gear doors closed when gear is fully extended
 +   * Fixed   C172 moving map shows route again
 +   * Added   R22 Tail rotor control by keys or buttons enabled
 +   * Fixed   R22 Tail rotor control when using Touch Controller thumb-sticks
 +==== 2018-11-29 ====
 +   * Added   ​Robinson R22 Beta II helicopter with highly detailed 3D model based on a 3D scan of the real aircraft and full dynamics flight model, including a fully articulated multi-body rotor simulation in combination with a dynamic inflow aerodynamics model including ground effect, transnational lift and auto-rotation state. The flight model has been fine tuned together with R22 pilots.
 +   * The helicopter supports startup / shutdown including a clutch and rotor brake simulation and features a life-like indicator string. Our R22 has a difficulty option in the aircraft selection menu. Per default the assistance is turned on and stabilizes the helicopter to make it easier to fly when using game controllers,​ VR hands or joysticks with twist grip rudder. The professional ​ setting disables any stabilization. This requires a lot of coordination work especially on the pedals, use high quality rudder pedals to fly this one. Best experience is in VR, where it is way easier to distinguish the difference between the different motions of the helicopter. ​
 +   * The helicopter comes in nine different liveries and is included in the default aircraft fleet.
 +   * Added   ​Heliports are available as starting points in location menu
 +   * Added   over 120 helipads
 +   * Added   ​Default support for Thrustmaster Pendular Rudder
 +   * Added   ​Default support for Pro-Flight-Trainer PUMA PAS helicopter controller
 +   * Added   ​Aircraft selection menu remembers last selected repaint for each aircraft
 +   * Added   ​External pan around camera can be moved towards and away from the aircraft
 +   * Changed Yaw string behavior improved
 +   * Changed Yaw damper turn coordination improved in all aircraft with yaw damper
 +   * Changed B747 and LJ45 crew alerting systems: Added numerous new messages, scrolling through messages, new messages pushed to top, new messages flashing, acknowledge messages to stop flashing, natural delays between cause and warning detection
 +   * Added   Some alerts automatically canceled after several seconds, e.g. flashing altitude alerts, flashing master caution and warnings
 +   * Added   ​Brakes are held for you when the simulation is started,​increase thrust to start rolling
 +   * Added   A320 stall warning speeds calculated from angle of attack and gross weight
 +   * Fixed   Q400 button press and hold functions: HSI ILS format, ALT SEL disable, TCAS on/off
 +   * Fixed   C172 low fuel warning threshold
 +   * Fixed   F18 half and full flap indications
 ==== 2018-07-06 ==== ==== 2018-07-06 ====
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