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 ===== Changelog ===== ===== Changelog =====
 +==== 2020-01-30 ====
 +  * Added B777 added camera display page that renders three real-time cameras. Due to the performance impact this is only available on desktop
 +  * Added A320, B777 and B747 (M)CDU FIX-INFO page with ability to draw navigation fixes on navigation displays, i.e. distance rings and radials
 +  * Added B777 PFD and ND with new features: angle of attack indicator, LNAV/VNAV and ILS display at the same time, LNAV/VNAV deviation bars on the PFD
 +  * Changed B777 PFD and ND with modernized style: more spacing between instruments,​ flight mode annunciator with gray background, ILS info, ILS deviation bars outside of attitude indicator, location of the radar minimums display, updated PLAN mode, MAP centered mode compass rose
 +  * Added B747 and B777 PFDs and NDs added invalid-data-flags:​ e.g. when air data or inertial reference unit is not available, added time to IRS alignment on ND
 +  * Added B777 EFB (electronic flight bag) displays basic airport diagram
 +  * Added B777 and B747 CDU route creation and adjustments now possible with LEGS page, RTE page and DEP/ARR pages as well as VNAV pages
 +  * Added B777 and B747 NDs added top of climb and green arc for distance to target autopilot altitude
 +  * Fixed A320 depature now selectable again from route origin airport
 +  * Fixed B747 clickspots for the thrust levers now following the visible position again
 +  * Fixed F18 ADF bearing pointer now displayed on HSI
 +  * Fixed B777 landing gear now in proper damping mode for landing, no longer behaves like a spring
 +  * Fixed B777 top of descent point on the navigation display now displayed where the actual descent starts
 +  * Fixed B777 LAND 3 now properly displayed during autoland
 +  * Fixed B777 CDU now displays aircraft model as B777 and correct engine type
 +  * Fixed B777 CDU displayed pitch trim for takeoff corrected
 +  * Changed B777 increased drag during glide, more drag from speedbrakes and from extended landing gear
 +  * Changed B777 CLB, CLB 1, CLB 2 now provide equal amounts of thrust at higher altitudes which enables a quicker climb at high altitude
 +  * Changed Autobrake now uses deceleration rate as the target, CAUTION: This increases the typical landing distances but is more realistic
 +  * Fixed copilot issue fixed that would prevent the autopilot to properly track the cruise altitude (e.g. in the B777)
 +  * Fixed autopilot minor fixes to behavior of VNAV buttons
 +  * Fixed autopilot now engages all three autopilot on B777 and B747 when localizer is already captured and autopilot is engaged afterwards
 +==== 2019-12-20 ====
 +   * Added   ​Boeing 777-300ER to the core simulator
 +   * Added   F18 interactive display menu (press button labeled "​menu"​ once or twice)
 +   * Added   F18 displays: stores, attack radar, HUD, electronic warefare (EW), situation awareness (SA), attitude indicator (ADI), fuel, checklists, engines and flight controls (FCS)
 +   * Added   F18 HUD: pull up cue, arrow to next waypoint, waypoint designator projected onto the ground, ILS deviation bars, TACAN HSI with arrow to station and deviation indicator, UTC time, day/night mode, brightness control
 +   * Added   F18 HSI: tactical navigation (TACAN) overlayed on HSI map, options to toggle TCN, ILS and waypoints designator (WPDSG) on the HUD.
 +   * Added   F18 up front controller (UFC): ILS, TACAN and radio beacon tuning and course selection either by typing in the ILS/TACAN channel or by typing in a ILS/VOR/TCN frequency (like "​1103"​ for 110.3 Mhz)
 +   * Changed F18 up front controller (UFC): autopilot now appropriate on sub-page (push the A/P button to see the autopilot options)
 +   * Added   F18 gear warning: gear lever flashing
 +   * Added   B747 CDU pages: init ref, ident, perf, thrust limit, takeoff, approach (with several functions implemented),​ route (not operational) and others (not operational)
 +   * Added   B747 Thrust limit selection via CDU affects maximum thrust used
 +   * Added   A320 MCDU approach page cheats to insert the local wind, pressure and temperature and a suggested baro or radar minimum (click the line select key with empty scratchpad)
 +   * Added   Extra 330 display panel with instruments like GPS ground speed, HSI, GPS altitude, rate of turn, etc.
 +   * Added   Extra 330 display basic menu system (only main page has content at the moment)
 +   * Changed B58 3D-model textures of the interior and exterior redone, fresher look and sharper textures
 +   * Added   B58 new livery with black and orange stripes
 +   * Added   ASG 29 gliding computer menu system and new pages: adjust before takeoff, nearest airfield list, ...
 +   * Fixed   MB339 some switches and knobs were not working correctly
 +   * Changed LJ45, Q400, C90 transponder switches between fine and coarse increments when the knobs are turned slowly or faster
 ==== 2019-07-11 ==== ==== 2019-07-11 ====
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    * Added more values and functionality to B747 PFD    * Added more values and functionality to B747 PFD
    * Added path prediction line to B747 navigation display    * Added path prediction line to B747 navigation display
-   * Added new graphics element that allows complex nozzle animations Added ECAM pages to B747+   * Added new graphics element that allows complex nozzle animations 
 +   ​* ​Added ECAM pages to B747
 ==== 2016-11-11 ==== ==== 2016-11-11 ====
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