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-====== ​Available Platforms ​======+====== ​Getting Started ​======
-Whether you purchase Aerofly FS 2 from Steam, Aerosoft, or the Mac Store you will be pleased to know that there aren't many differences between versions, however, there are differences in the availability of DLC (download content) on each platform.+===== Main Menu =====
-{{:​wiki:​purchasing.jpg? 700|}}+Upon entering Aerofly FS 2, the main menu is the first screen that you will see. From the main menu you can easily navigate through everything needed to get off the ground
-Go to the [[http://​​app/​434030/​Aerofly_FS_2_Flight_Simulator/​|Aerofly FS 2 Store Page]]. You will need to install the free [[http://​​about/​|Steam Client]] prior to installing and running Aerofly FS 2. 
-Purchasing on Steam will provide you with the largest availability of DLC currently out.  
-**Note**- After purchasing and installing ​Aerofly FS 2 you should always download and install all of the free DLC available as some of this is needed to get the most out of your experience. You should also look at the ever growing library of high quality purchasable DLC as well.+==== Setting Up Aerofly FS 2 For The First Time ====
-====Installing DLC====+Prior to playing Aerofly FS 2 for the first time you should first familiarize yourself with what each function does by reading through this manual. ​ Below you will find a description of what each button does on your main menu screen.
-Download additional DLC content by following these simple steps: 
-  * Start your Steam client +{{:​wiki:​buttonstart.jpg?​150|}}
-  * Open “Library” / “Games” and click on Aerofly FS 2 +
-  * Choose the DLC you wish to buy +
-  * Add your DLC to the cart and check out +
-  * The download starts immediately after payment receipt +
-  * You can check the download progress under “Updates”+
-{{:​wiki:​steam_dlc.jpg?600|}}+Clicking on the Start button continues you in the scenario that you were in the last time you exited Aerofly FS 2. You will continue where you left off
-**Note** if your DLC download doesn'​t begin and you have the box checked sometimes Steam doesn'​t recognize this, simply uncheck the box then recheck again, your download should begin now.+{{:​wiki:​buttonfs.jpg?150|}}
-====Launching Aerofly FS 2====+Flight School allows you to progress through a series of training courses where you will be evaluated based on how well you did. Each training scenario will unlock as you progress. If you are new to flying, Flight School will get you started with the basics of flying. ​
-When launching Aerofly FS 2 from Steam you have three options.+{{:​wiki:​buttonaircraft.jpg?150|}}
-{{:​wiki:​fs_launch.jpg?​450|}} +Here is where you select the aircraft that you want to fly.
-  +
-     * Play Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator - This option will launch Aerofly FS 2 in normal 2D mode. **Note** - If you chose to create a desktop shortcut when installing Aerofly FS 2, you can also use the shortcut ​to launch in this mode. +
-     * Launch Aerofly FS 2 VR (Oculus) in Oculus VR Mode - This option will launch Aerofly FS 2 in the Oculus Rift run engine. This is the optimal mode for users with the Oculus Rift VR headset. +
-     * Launch Aerofly FS 2 VR (SteamVR) in Steam VR Mode - This mode will launch Aerofly FS 2 in Steam VR Mode for users with the HTC Vive VR headset. **Note** - Oculus Rift users can also use this mode however Oculus VR Mode is optimum. +
-  +
-====Using the Beta Channel====+
-At times, updates will be presented to you through the beta channel. This option allows for the community to "test out" the latest update to provide valuable feedback to the developers, while separating those that do not want to participate. You can always opt out of beta in the same way. **Note** - Many times both beta and regular channels are at the same version+{{:​wiki:​buttonlocation.jpg?150|}}
-{{ :​wiki:​fs2_manual_en_031.jpg?300|}}+Choose your airport and take to the sky.
-  * Start your Steam client. +From here you can easily set up your flight planTake off from your home airport ​and fly to the destination of your choice.
-  * Open “Library” / “Games” ​and right click\\ on Aerofly FS 2. +
-  * Open “properties” ​to see the window\\ shown on the right +
-  * Select the tab “Betas” and select for the beta status +
-  * After that you will see [Beta] next to the game title.+
-=====Aerosoft Direct Download ​and DVD=====+Easily choose your time of day, wind conditions, cloud coverage, ​and visibility for your flight. ​
-If you don't use Steam or you want your own physical copy of Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator head over to the [[​en/​fsxp3d/​simulators/​2209/​aerofly-fs-2|Aerosoft Shop]] where you have the option of purchasing as a DVD copy or direct download.+{{:wiki:​buttonsettings.jpg?150|}}
-**Note** The copies that obtain from Aerosoft will not be the latest version of Aerofly available. You will need to update your version by heading over to the [[https://​​aerofly_fs_2_downloads.html|Aerofly FS 2 Support Page]] ​to get the latest version+When you load Aerofly FS 2 for the first time this is the first place that you should go to set up your configurations based on your computer hardware
-You will also need to activate any non-Steam copy by visiting the [[https://​​activate.php|Activation Page]]+{{:wiki:​buttonabout.jpg?150|}}
-**Note** The latest DLC may not be available for the Aerosoft versions when released ​on Steam. We will make every effort to make these available for all non Steam copies.+Want to know the current version that you are on or the team behind your Aerofly FS 2 experience?
-=====Mac Store=====+{{:​wiki:​buttonexit.jpg?​150|}}
-For all of our Mac owners we didn'​t ​forget about you.  ​[[​us/​app/​aerofly-fs-2-flight-simulator/​id988754104?mt=12|Apple Mac Store]] +This shuts down Aerofly FS 2. You don'​t ​really want to do that now, do you?  
-You will need to purchase Aerofly FS 2 by opening your Mac App Store and following ​the instructions there.+       
 +==== Quick Flight Checklist for Beginners ==== 
 +Setting up a flight from one airport to another is quick and easy with Aerofly FS 2Once you familiarize yourself with each individual function described in detail within this manual, use this quick flight checklist to take to the sky. 
 +=== Choose your Aircraft=== 
 +Choose your aircraft by cycling left and right. Once the aircraft that you would like to fly is centered, you can choose the theme/color of the aircraft and press selectOnce the aircraft is selected the screen will go back to the main menu 
 +=== Choose your Weather Conditions: === 
 +You have full control over your time, wind, cloud coverage, and turbulence by navigating through the three easy to use options. Make your selections and simply back out of this menu. **Note** ​More detail about weather conditions can be found in this manual.  
 +=== Choose your Departure Airport: === 
 +Use the location page to choose your starting point. If you only want to fly around without following a flight ​plan this is the only page that you need to visit. **Note** ​Further detail regarding the location and navigation pages can be found in this manual.  
 +=== Choose your Flight Plan === 
 +This is the second step if you wish to fly from one area to another using a flight plan. A flight plan will present a true path for you to follow, ​and will also enable GPS and autopilot path finding functions. **Note** -  Further detail regarding ​the location and navigation pages can be found in this manual 
 +**Once all settings are configured to your liking, from the main menu press start to begin your flight**
-**Note** Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator is new to Mac therefore not all DLC will be available for this version. We will continue to add content as quickly as we can. 
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