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 {{:wiki:buttonstart.jpg?150|}} {{:wiki:buttonstart.jpg?150|}}
 +===== Flight School =====
 +Aerofly FS has a great step by step flight school that teaches you the basics of flying an airplane. You will be introduced to the basic flight controls like elevator, aileron, rudder and throttle and will be tasked with lessons from flying straight and level to attempting your first takeoff and landings.
 +The lessons can also be demonstrated by the instructor first before you try them on yourself.
 +{{ :wiki:fs2_steaml_en_018.jpg?600 |}}
 +Read more about the flight school on our [[manual:flight_school|flight school wiki page]].
 ===== Assistance in Flight ===== ===== Assistance in Flight =====
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 Check out our wiki page for the [[manual:beginners3|flight guides]] for more information. Check out our wiki page for the [[manual:beginners3|flight guides]] for more information.
-{{:wiki:af2_manual_en_815.png?700|}}+{{ :wiki:af2_manual_en_815.png?600 |}} 
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