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Setting up flight conditions in Aerofly FS 2 is easy with the intuitive interface. Setting up time of day, cloud coverage, wind, and thermal conditions can be quickly achieved with a couple of clicks.


To set your time of day simply slide the bar to the desired time that you with to fly. Note UTC time is used based on the region that you are flying in. UTC is the standard time used in Aviation.



This slider adjusts the strength of the wind. You can choose anywhere from calm to strong. Can you handle landing in strong wind?


The direction slider allows you to adjust the direction that the wing blows in degrees.


This setting sets the amount of aircraft turbulence that you experience. This can be set from low to high.

Thermal Activity

This setting adjusts the amount of thermal effects that you will experience in Aerofly FS 2. This can be set from low to high.

Clouds and Visibility


Setting visibility creates a haze and fog effect. Settings can be from low to high. The higher the setting, the less that your visibility will be impacted.

Cumulus Cloud Density

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