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 ====== Aerofly Version Changelog ====== ====== Aerofly Version Changelog ======
-Aerofly FS 2 is an Early Access (EA) title meaning that this application is still in development. ​Early Access titles allow for developers to release periodic updates to the public in an effort to provide valuable feedback back to the developers; allowing for the game community to participate throughout ​the development ​process+Aerofly FS 2 is title still in development ​even after the official releaseThis changelog shows the progress made through ​development.
-This also means that the application can have unidentified bugs and not be a complete game. It is expected of you to understand this prior to purchasing the application. There is also no full release deadline unless identified solely by the developers.+===== Changelog =====
-During Early Access updates are released to present bug fixes and new features, these updates are mentioned in a changelog. Here is the Aerofly FS 2 changelog.+==== 2017-11-23 ====
-===== Changelog =====+   * Performance improvements 
 +   * Buecker Jungmeister Bu 133 released 
 +   * Core aircraft functionality ​  
 +==== 2017-11-20 ​==== 
 +   * **Official release of Aerofly FS 2**  
 +   * Performance Improvements and core stability efforts 
 +   * Colorado scenery released
 ==== 2017-10-04 ==== ==== 2017-10-04 ====
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