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 ====== Flight School ====== ====== Flight School ======
 +There are 21 lessons to become a pilot! Starting as a beginner, you will be trained by a flight instructor. At the end of each lesson you can earn up to 3 stars. The lessons can be repeated individually to improve and master each lesson. 
 +{{ :wiki:fs2_steaml_en_018.jpg?600 |}}
 +   * Begin by watching the demonstration by clicking on "Demonstration" on the bottom of the screen.
 +   * Once the instructor tells you how to perform the lesson, you will take control as Pilot in Command (POC)
 +   * Perform the lesson as instructed to achieve the best rating that you can get.
 +Once you go through all 21 lessons you will have the basic knowledge needed to fly on your own, and gain the basic understanding of flight.
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