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Getting started

1. General settings

Open the general settings from the main menu by clicking on “Settings” and “General”.

Invert camera control

By turning on “invert” the camera control will move upwards instead of downwards.

Flight information

By clicking on “show” you can display the virtual cockpit at the top of the screen. If you do this, you can go back to the main menu by using the “ESC” key. Per default you also can hide and display the flight information by pressing key “I”.

Approach guides

Displays the green boxes as approach guides.


Activated features display landmarks such as city names.


With increasing transparency the control elements are weaker.

Overlay (only mobile version)

Hide or show some overlayed control elements. E.g. for the camera selection.

Other Settings

Open the menu “Other Settings” via the main menu and settings. This slider allows the user to set the reset time after a crash.

2. General info and short keys

Main screen

Some of the most important functions are displayed on the main screen. The “virtual cockpit” at the top can be activated by key “I” while the moving map by key “M”.

Factory preset short keys:

1 to 6 Different camera views (retype any of these keys for more camera views)
Z and Shift+Z Camera Zoom in/out
M Display Moving Map
I Display Flight info (virtual cockpit)
P Pause/Play
A Autopilot
T and Shift+T Time settings (Day/Night)
V and Shift+V Visibility (+/-)
Q Sound on/off
Page up/down Head position up/down
Arrow keys up/down/left/right Camera view
FPS display STRG+F1

The panel lights and instrument lights can be programmed under “Settings” / “Control” / “Lights”.

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