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Graphics settings

In the graphic settings you can adjust the overall quality on how Aerofly FS 2 looks. Depending on the performance of your computer and especially 3D graphic card, you might have to fine tune some settings, to achieve a smooth simulation.

Open the graphics settings from the main menu by clicking on “Settings” and “Graphics”. Use the graphics settings to optimize the flight simulator performance on your PC. For a smooth experience you will need an actual graphics card driver. If you ever have an issue in terms of graphics, please check your graphics card driver.


Please disable any monitor zoom functions and set up the monitor resolution using this selection:

If you have a special resolution or encounter issue with a low frame rate then please use the “Window mode”. Now, you can scale the window size up to your full monitor size. This mode can help in case you encounter certain graphics card issues.

Limit frame rate

Per default “vsync” is on. If you have any trouble obtaining a smooth performance you can limit the frame rate. The lowest is 120 FPS

Custom graphics settings

To enable the individual graphics settings click on “custom” at the first line. The next 5 lines will be enabled. Now you can set up the texture quality or building density individually. To reset this settings simply click on one of the preset setups at the line “Graphics quality”.

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