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Graphic settings

In the graphic settings you can adjust the overall quality of how Aerofly FS 2 looks. Adjusting graphics settings provides you with the ability to balance performance and graphics quality. Open the graphics settings from the main menu by clicking on “Settings” and “Graphics Settings”. Note - If you experience poor performance or graphical anomalies, always check to make sure you have the latest GPU (Graphics Card) driver installed.


Use the resolution setting to select the screen size that best fits your situation. Most users will use the highest resolution available to you (that your monitor can handle), however, if you experience performance issues at higher resolutions, you can lower the screen size to improve performance.

If you have a special resolution or encounter issues with low frame rates then you can set the resolution to “Window mode”. In window mode you can scale the window size to the size that you want. Note - In VR mode, “window mode” is automatically selected for you, and the setting is locked.

Limit frame rate

Limit Frame Rate provides you with options to turn VSync off and on, or lock the max frame rate to 120 or 240

Vsync attempts to run the game at the same refresh as the monitor, often causing for a smoother overall experience. Turning VSync on forces the images being displayed to be shown as a whole. When V-sync is off, the image can “tear” and the top and bottom half of the screen can become disjointed if performance is low. Having V-sync on definitely impacts your performance. If you're getting low FPS, try turning V-sync off.

You can also set limits to free up graphical resources by setting your limit to 120 or 240. Always try different settings to find what works best for you. Note - It is recommended to turn VSync off if you are running Aerofly FS 2 in VR.

Customizing Your Graphics Settings

The Graphics Quality setting can provide you with specific pre defined quality settings (Low, Medium, High, Ultra), or allow for you to customize your settings field by field (Custom) To enable the individual graphics settings click on “custom”, this will enable the next five settings.

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