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 +====== InApp purchases and DLC ====== 
-===== InApps & DLC ===== +Aerofly FS 2 offers you additional content you can buy like new airplanes and regions. Depending on your version you purchased, e.g. PC version from Steam or the mobile version on Apple iOS and Google Android, you have different options.
-==== 1. Buying new sceneries (PC version) ====+===== Downloadable Content on Steam (DLC=====
 +If you use the PC version from Steam, proceed as follows to purchase additional content (DLC):
 +{{ :wiki:fs2_manual_de_028a.jpg?300|}}
 +  * Start your Steam client
 +  * Open “Library” / “Games” and click on Aerofly FS 2
 +  * Open “DLC” to buy e.g. “Switzerland”
 +  * Add your DLC to the cart and check out
 +  * The download starts immediately after payment receipt
 +  * You can check the download progress under “Updates”
 +===== How to check the DLC installation ===== 
 +{{ :wiki:fs2_manual_de_029.jpg?350|}}
-==== 2. Buying new sceneries (Mobile version) ====+  * Start your Steam client 
 +  * Open “Library” / “Games” and click on Aerofly FS 2 
 +  * Check the status at the DLC paragraph
 +===== How to use the new content =====
-==== 3Buying aircraft (Mobile version) ====+{{ :wiki:fs2_manual_en_030.jpg?350|}}
 +  * Start Aerofly FS 2
 +  * Open “Location” at the main menu
 +  * Zoom out as far as possible
 +  * Zoom into the region you purchased
 +  * Select one of the new airports
 +Under navigation you can select airports and navaids worldwide. You can add any waypoint worldwide.
 +===== Getting new regions (Apple iOS) =====
 +To add more airfields select “Regions” from the main menu and buy the available region as In-App via your iTunes account. After logging in a confirmation of the purchase is needed. An installation of an In-App scenery needs enough free storage on your device. It is recommended to have 4 to 5 GB of free storage for a smoother performance on the device.
 +{{ :wiki:af2_manual_en_018.png?600 |}}
 +After an update or a new installation it may be necessary to restore the In-Apps once again. Please use the “Restore Purchases” button for this step.
 +{{ :wiki:af2_manual_en_019a.png?600 |}}
 +===== New aircraft (Apple iOS and Android) =====
 +More aircraft (In-Apps) can be purchased directly from the airplane selection menu. Aircraft that are not purchased appear slightly darker in addition with a green price button.
 +{{ :wiki:af2_manual_en_802.png?600 |}}
 +Tap on the purchase button to initiate an In-App purchase of the selected aircraft.
 +Doublecheck your prepaid credit on your iTunes account at first. Type in your password to login into your iTunes account. Then confirm the In-App purchase. Immediately thereafter you can fly the aircraft.
 +Follow this link to manage your iTunes credit :
 +{{ :wiki:af2_manual_en_803.png?600 |}}
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