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InApps & DLC

1. Buying new sceneries (PC)

Downloadable Content (DLC)

To use the Steam version of Aerofly FS 2 you have to install the “Steam client” first. You can update your Aerofly FS 2 for free or you can buy extra “Downloadable Content” (DLC) via this client. In this case proceed as follows:

  • Start your Steam client
  • Open “Library” / “Games” and click on Aerofly FS 2
  • Open “DLC” to buy e.g. “Switzerland”
  • Add your DLC to the cart and check out
  • The download starts immediately after payment receipt
  • You can check the download progress under “Updates”

How to check the DLC installation

  • Start your Steam client
  • Open “Library” / “Games” and click on Aerofly FS 2
  • Check the status at the DLC paragraph

How to use the new content

  • Start Aerofly FS 2
  • Open “Location” at the main menu
  • Zoom out as far as possible
  • Zoom into the region you purchased
  • Select one of the new airports

Under navigation you can select airports and navaids worldwide. You can add any waypoint worldwide.

2. Buying new sceneries (Mobile)

An In-App scenery must not be selected after purchasing. “Regions” is only used for purchasing new sceneries or restoring after an update. Any In-App map will be displayed directly in “Location”. After an update or a new installation it may be necessary to restore the In-Apps once again. Please use the “Restore Purchases” button for this step.

3. Buying aircraft (Mobile)


More aircraft (In-Apps) can be purchased directly from the carousel selection. Aircraft that are not purchased appear slightly darker in addition with a green price button.


Doublecheck your prepaid credit on your iTunes account at first. Type in your password to login into your iTunes account. Then confirm the In-App purchase. Immediately thereafter you can fly the aircraft. Follow this link to manage your iTunes credit :

In-App landscape

To add more airfields select “Regions” from the main menu and buy the available landscape as In-App via your iTunes account. After logging in a confirmation of the purchase is needed. An installation of an In-App scenery needs enough free storage on your device. It is recommended to have 4 to 5 GB of free storage for a smoother performance on the device.

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