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Joystick & graphics settings (PC)

Basic settings joystick

Open “Settings” in the main menu and choose “Control” in the submenu. At the bottom of the new window you`ll find the recognized and usable USB-Joysticks. If you don`t find any entries please plug in your joystick once again and wait for a while. Select “Primary” to set up your joystick and proceed as follows:

Programming joystick axis

  • Click left in the mid field of the function you want to program the joystick.
  • Follow the displayed instructions to move e.g. the rudder to the right or the throttle to maximum
  • Control your settings by the moving the white bar
  • The settings will be saved automatically
  • If you want to delete a setting click once again on the mid bar and press “Delete” on your keyboard

Programming joystick buttons or keyboard

Proceed as follows to program functions such as like flaps or brakes.

  • Click left in the smaller fields at the function you want to program.
  • Press the button on the joystick or keyboard for the functions you wish to program.
  • Please note that many functions need two buttons or keys to increase or decrease
  • Unordered List ItemThe settings will be saved automatically

Separate joystick and rudder pedals

If you want to use separate rudder pedals please proceed as follows:

  • Plug in the joystick and pedals directly to two different USB plugs at your computer
  • If you want to use a USB hub please use an active one with your own power supply
  • Wait until windows has installed the USB driver for any USB devices you want to use
  • Start aerofly FS2 and open “Settings” / “Control” (image)
  • If you see all USB devices at the bottom, start programing the single functions:
  • Click the throttle function and move the throttle on the joystick to full power
  • Click the elevator (aileron) function and move the joystick down (right)
  • Click the rudder function and move the rudder pedals to the right
  • Open the folder to see both wheel brakes (left and right)
  • All settings will be saved automatically

Troubleshooting joystick and other USB devices

If you have any problem in programming the buttons or axis on your USB device then please click on the displayed USB device button at the “Primary” menu. After that you`ll see this interface. Here you can enable or disable your USB device and double check all axes and buttons. You can`t program axes or buttons via this interface but check the function.

Joystick calibration

Go to the controls menu. At the bottom left corner of the screen, click on your device shown in the box. At the top right corner of the next screen, click on the symbol that looks like a target. Then follow the instructions to move and center the sticks and throttle slider.

2. Graphics settings

Open the graphics settings from the main menu by clicking on “Settings” and “Graphics”. Use the graphics settings to optimize the flight simulator performance on your PC. For a smooth experience you will need an actual graphics card driver. If you ever have an issue in terms of graphics, please check your graphics card driver.


Please disable any monitor zoom functions and set up the monitor resolution using this selection:

If you have a special resolution or encounter issue with a low frame rate then please use the “Window mode”. Now, you can scale the window size up to your full monitor size. This mode can help in case you encounter certain graphics card issues.

Limit frame rate

Per default “vsync” is on. If you have any trouble obtaining a smooth performance you can limit the frame rate. The lowest is 120 FPS

Custom graphics settings

To enable the individual graphics settings click on “custom” at the first line. The next 5 lines will be enabled. Now you can set up the texture quality or building density individually. To reset this settings simply click on one of the preset setups at the line “Graphics quality”.

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