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 +===== My First ILS Approach =====
 +You are a beginner pilot just getting familiar with Aerofly FS 2. You made some VFR flights and tried some landings. **Note** - VFR = Visual Flight Rules; pilot operates aircraft under visual conditions.  ​
 +Now let’s do the next step and try an ILS approach. **Note** - ILS = Instrument Landing System. ​
 +In this more complex tutorial we gather some preflight information,​ use both the location and navigation maps, adjust aircraft instruments,​ and finally do a manual approach assisted by ILS. **Note** - In this tutorial you will land without the assistance of autopilot. ​
 +==== Preflight Preparation ====
 +For this tutorial we will be flying into San Francisco International Airport (KSFO), and want to approach runway 19L.Open the site [[http://​​airports/​]] and search for San Francisco, SFO, or KSFO. **Note** -  KSFO is the ICAO code of the airport, also shown in Aerofly FS 2.
 +The KSFO page tells you everything that you need to know about the airport. ​
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