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 Version 2019/06/25 Version 2019/06/25
 +==== Important update for latest version 2019/06/25 ====
 +If you have installed a previous version of our Aerofly FS 2 Content Converter and Aerofly FS 2 Aircraft converter, please uninstall them first before installing the latest version as of 2019/06/25. Both tools now no longer requires elevated privileges and are installed in the Windows Programs folder for the current user.
 ==== Getting the SDK ==== ==== Getting the SDK ====
 Please follow this [[https://​​community/​filebase/​index.php?​category-file-list/​3-aerofly-fs-2-sdk/​|link]] to download the SDK files. Please follow this [[https://​​community/​filebase/​index.php?​category-file-list/​3-aerofly-fs-2-sdk/​|link]] to download the SDK files.
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