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Aircraft Repaints and Previews

In this tutorial you will learn how to manually repaint an aircraft and insert your newly painted aircraft into the aircraft's preview. In this tutorial we will add a new repaint to the Cessna C172. Note - the designated name of this repaint is YellowN172UC.



  • Unzip the aerofly SDK package.This is the content of the directory.

  • Locate and open the Aerofly_fs_2_aircraft_converter folder and run the executable located inside the folder.

  • Open the folder aircraft_workshop, go to and open the C172 folder, inside of the folder create a subfolder YellowN172UC.

  • Copy the files from subfolder _textures to the YellowN172UC folder that you just created, add the file repaint.tmr

  • Edit repaint.tmr using Wordpad or your favorite editing program and enter your new repaint name

  • Next,edit model.tmc and enter your repaint name

  • Now use Gimp or Photoshop to repaint the templates. See Repainting Tutorial for a detailed tutorial on this.
  • Save 24-bit BMP. Note - The result should look like this.

File Conversion

Your files should all be ready at this point for the file conversion. Note - For the file conversion process to work properly, make sure that you have the latest SDK installed.

  • Right Click on the c172 folder and select Aerofly FS 2 Aircraft Converter

  • Press the convert button the begin. Note - Wait until the conversion process is complete.

  • As a result, you will see the converted files inside the Aerofly FS 2 folder.
  • Test to see your new paint job.

Note - This tutorial can change to reflect changes to the SDK. A special thank you to “Karl-Heinz” for the writing of this tutorial.

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