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Developer Camera Mode

To make it easier for scenery creators we added a new developer camera mode that will allow for you to get a better view of your work in real time without the need for flying over your scenery and pausing all of the time.

Here is how it works:

Keystroke/Mouse Description
CTRL+F8 Enter Developer Camera Mode
R Reset view to aircraft position
Q Turn Left
E Turn Right
W or UP arrow Move UP
S or DN arrow Move Down
Left Mouse Button and Mouse Full Look Around

When you close the sim the position will be memorized, so that you can keep the camera where it was and don't have to move it every time. This makes it easy to change something in your scenery, restart the sim to reload the changes that you made, then just hop into the dev-camera and immediately see those changes. That's why the camera doesn't reset to the aircraft position and that's why restarting doesn't change the position.

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